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The Physician Assistant or PA in short is a relatively new profession in Israel. By definition a Physician Assistant is a healthcare professional, practicing medicine, with collaboration or under supervision, either directly or indirectly, with or by a physician, according to the laws and regulations of the country or state in which he practices. The Physician Assistant profession exists in many countries around the world including: The United States of America, Canada, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, India, Russia, different states in Africa, etc. The scope and field of Physician Assistants worldwide vary from country to country, or state to state, according to the needs of the local healthcare system, local legislation and regulations, etc. In many countries Physician Assistants practice all aspects of medicine, including taking medical history, carrying out physical exams, diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries, ordering and interpreting laboratory and imaging tests, executing medical procedures, assisting during operations, providing health education and carrying out patient rounds at hospitalization departments. Most training programs for Physician Assistants worldwide have a prerequisite of a bachelor's degree, background as a healthcare professional (Paramedic, Nursing, Physiotherapy, etc) and significant clinical experience. Most programs include theoretical studies and clinical rotations, last two years and offer their graduates a Masters degree.

In Israel, the need for creating a profession / role of Physician Assistants was discussed several times in the past. A committee that examined the issue, published its recommendations on July 2013 (link). According to the committee's recommendations , it has been decided in the meantime, to create a role of a Physician Assistant in three fields / specialties: Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology and Pathology, based on existing health professions, by expanding their scope of practice and authorization according to article 59 of the Israeli Physician Directive and the Israeli Physician Regulations from 2001.

The second training program of the Israeli Ministry of Health for Physician Assistants in emergency medicine , has been completed on July 9, 2019. Nowadays, approximately 70 Physician Assistants, work and practice medicine in Emergency Departments all over Israel, take patient medical histories, perform physical exams, diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries, order and interpret laboratory and imaging tests, perform medical procedures, help treating critical and complex patients in trauma bays, assist in their stabilization and monitoring post resuscitation, transport critical patients to hospitalization units and departments and function as  hospital rapid response teams (RRTs). The third training course is expected to open during 2020.

On April 4, 2019, the First Annual Conference (link) for Physician Assistants in Israel took place at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer. The conference dealt with the Issue of Physician Assistants in Israel, healthcare workforce planning, research and future vision. The second conference is scheduled to take place during 2020.

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