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Roi Ozer, EMT-P, PA-R, MBA, Registered Physician Assistant and Paramedic. Works as a Physician Assistant in the Emergency Department at Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center. Graduate of the first course for Physician Assistants in emergency medicine of the Israeli Ministry of Health. Has also worked as a Physician Assistant at the Shamir (Asaf Harofe) Medical Center emergency department, at Terem emergency medical centers, at Magen David Adom, the Israeli National Emergency Prehospital Organization as an EMT and paramedic, at the International Red Cross (ICRC) as a communication officer for Israeli armed forces and audiences and as a salesman and instructor in private emergency medicine and first aid companies. Behavioral science bachelor and MBA graduate from the Peres Academic Center in Rehovot, Israel. Graduate of the program for risk management and patient safety managers at Ben Gurion University. Graduate of the paramedic course in Magen David Adom and other courses in emergency medicine including Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) course at Ben Gurion University and Soroka Medical Center. Organized and Co-chaired the first annual conference for Physician Assistants in Israel, together with Dr. Oren Berkowitz, senior lecturer from the Ariel University. 

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Dr. Oren Berkowitz, PhD, PA-C,  arrived in Israel in 2017 at the start of its development of Physician Assistants. He was involved in a consulting role with the Ministry of Health for several years and now he hopes to help advance the new healthcare position through research and education. Dr. Berkowitz is the former Director of Research and co-founder of the Boston University School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program. He is an epidemiologist and a PA. Dr. Berkowitz is currently a Senior Lecturer faculty member in the Dept. of Health Systems Management at Ariel University. He practiced for many years as a PA in neurosurgery. He is involved in global PA scholarship.

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Dr. Roderick Stanton Hooker, PhD, MBA, PA-C, has researched the medical workforce across many decades going back to 1980. He is an author of over 250 publications; mostly in peer-reviewed literature. His scholarly work includes four books, many book chapters and numerous reports and presentations. Physician Assistants: Policy & Practice (4e), which he co-authored with James Cawley and Christine Everett, is required reading for physician assistant students and is a valuable resource for those interested in the origins, education and employment of physician assistants. Hooker’s research interests are in the fields of medical economics, health policy, workforce issues, and clinical rheumatology. Consulting on medical staffing, education, and medical care organization has taken him to various countries, such as Canada, Australia, Scotland, Taiwan, and the Netherlands. For Hooker, the Holy Grail is to understand the optimal staffing arrangement for all forms of healthcare delivery and where the greatest effectiveness of staff-mix lies. If team-based care is the byword of organizational research, then scientists and policy makers need to know what configurations of providers will produce the best outcomes of care at the least expenditure of time, effort and cost, and without compromising the safety of the patient. To this end, he has mentored 11 doctoral students, 6 postdoctoral fellows, and numerous graduate students. He is retired and lives in semi-rural Southwest Washington State.

This paragraph was retrieved from the full biography written by Roderick Hooker with the assistance of Reginald Carter {Physician Assistant History Society, Hooker S. Roderick, Biography. Hooker, S. Roderick, Carter Reginald. (Updated February 2019)}.

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Ruth Ballweg, MPA, PA-C is the Director of International Affairs for the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) and the Historian for the PA History Society in the U.S.  A PA since 1978, she practiced in primary care (family medicine) public health and urgent care before joining the faculty at the MEDEX Northwest Program at the University of Washington.  Professor Ballweg served as the MEDEX Program Director for 29 years during which the program grew to include 3 satellite programs in Spokane, and Tacoma Washington and Anchorage Alaska. During that time, Professor Ballweg also served as Editor for the first PA textbook—now in its sixth edition, as President of the PA Education Association and a Primary Care Health Policy Fellow for the US Government.  She regularly serves as a Consultant to PA programs with a mission of increasing health care access, as a policy advisor to governmental health agencies creating and supporting PA programs, and to health care systems as they hire their first PAs.   Most recently she has worked with multiple countries on these issues including The Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India, the Republic of Ireland, and Israel.  

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Sharona Kanofsky, PA-C, CCPA, MScCH, is an Associate Professor in the teaching stream at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, Physician Assistant program.  She is a Canadian- and American-certified PA with a master’s degree in health professions education. She practiced as a PA in the US and Canada, most recently in geriatric care. Sharona was among the first practicing civilian PAs in Canada and was the founding academic coordinator of the PA program at the University of Toronto.  Most recently, she has taken on the role of Scholarship and Research Lead. Sharona received the 2013 Canadian national Tom Ashman PA of the Year Award.

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Prof. Dr. Marcus Hoffmann, Prof., MD, studied medicine at the University of Münster, Germany. He then worked as a medical officer at the headquarters of the NATO Armed Forces in Mons/Belgium, which provided an international and inter-professional environment requiring direct patient care covering a wide range of ages and illnesses. He then worked as a research assistant in Public Health at the renowned Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Bielefeld, Germany and subsequently completed further clinical training in internal medicine and trauma surgery (Prof. Dr. Peter Habermeyer) as well as a voluntary deployment with the German Armed Forces in Afghanistan during the ISAF mission. For several years afterwards he worked for the Sanofi Pasteur and Merck joint venture in Europe eventually being responsible as Head of Marketing for the HPV vaccine from where he was recruited as personal aid to the executive medical director at Heidelberg University Hospital and Medical School (Prof. Dr. J. Rüdiger Siewert). From this position he received full professorship at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) and established Germany’s first “Physician Assistant” degree program.

Prof. Dr. Hoffmann played a major role in the establishment of the Further Education Degree “Physician Assistant” of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, which grants an academic degree to successful graduates of his program and entitles to use the additional professional designation “State Approved Physician Assistant”. He was also a key member of the joint working group “academic healthcare professions” of the German Medical Association and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, which developed the concept paper “Physician Assistant – A New Profession in the German Healthcare System”. Prof. Dr. Hoffmann acted as subject matter expert in numerous accreditation procedures for patient- oriented academic study programs and represents his university in the German University Federation of Healthcare Professions.

Prof. Dr. Hoffmann serves as president of the European Physician Assistant / Associate Collaboration (EuroPA-C) and leads his own Research Center for Public Health.  He is a Visiting Professor at Keck School of Medicine of USC (University of Southern California), USA.

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