Website Terms of Use & Statute

Website Terms of Use

Mr. Roi Ozer, holder of Israeli ID No. 032139198 (hereinafter: "the website manager" and/or "the website management"), herby provides a professional conteny website intended for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, paramedics, medics, other helath professionals, and members of the general public (hereinafter: "the content"). 

Everything is published under the domain name:  < >, through articles, reports, files, text, video, diagrams, infographics, pictures, etc. The aforementioned can be found on the internet and is hereinafter referred to as "the website" and/or "the system" and/or "the portal". It is important to read these Terms of Use and Website Statute before registering and/or providing details and/or continuing to browse and use this website's services. 


This website is intended to be utilized as a professional platform for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, paramedics, medics, other health professionals, and members of the general public. It is also intended to assist in the developement and advancement of the professional field of physician assistants in Israel. This website does not claim to replace or substitute medical, psychological, legal or any other type of professional advice and counsel. The website manager makes every effort to publish quality, up-to-date, and accurate information. 

It is hereby clarified than anyone using the information provided on this website does so at their own risk. It is recommended to verify and corroborate every piece of information appearing on this website by utilizing additional sources of information. It is hereby unequivocally declared that the website manager shall bear no liability whatsoever as a result of any damages, mishaps, mental or physical injuries, delays in treatment or diagnosis, or death due to the use of the information published on the website. Emergency services, an emergency medical department, or any other qualified and certified body must be contacted in an emergency medical situation or any other type of emergency circumstance. 

Any visit and use of this website, its content and services offered therein, or any other substituted and / or affiliated website and / or service constitute an agreement to the following Website Terms of Use and Statute. If you do not agree with the following Terms of Use and Statute, do not use the website. Anyone who actively engages with the website hereby declares that they are aware of and knowingly accept the Website Terms of Use and Statute. Onlt the rules published in these Terms of Use and Statute will govern the website management vis-a-vis users and / or web-surfers and / or subscribers. 

The website management reserves the right to change the Terms of Use and Statute at any time at their sole discretion. You hereby acknowledge that you are legally competent of legal age to enter into a binding contract. You must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to use the website and / or the services. 

Website Statute

1. Agreement to Terms of Use and Statute

1.1. By registering and/or creating an account and/or logging in and/or visiting and/or using and/or connecting to the wesbite in any form, you hereby give your authorization and agreement that you have read and understood the Terms of Use and Statute, including the privacy policy, which stems from these Terms of Use and Statute and appears below and/or in a separate section on this website. If you do not agree with the following Terms of Use and Statute , do not use the website's services. 

2. Website Activity

2.1. The website provides professional contect (hereinafter: "the information" and/or "the documents"). The website owner reserves the right to add a job listings board in the future.


3. Permitted Activities, Website Misuse and System Limitations

3.1. Access to information shall be carried out exclusively for the original purpose of the site. Copying, distributing, broadcasting, implementing and representing the website's information before the public without a user license is expressly forbidden. Any other action not expressly authorized by the website management or the website's interface is also prohibited. 

3.2 The website management reserves the right to develop activities and additional technological tools. 

3.3. The wesbite management reserves the right, at any time, to change and/or discontinue any feature and/or attribute and/or use of the website and/or its services, including content and/or hours of operation and/or equipment and/or the conditions required for full and partial website access and use. The website management may discontinue distributing and information, as well as change and/or discontinue any method of information distribution. The management may also change the data transmission speed or any other signal and/or transmission feature. 

3.4. The user hereby declares that he/she will not misuse the website in any way including engaging in illegal activities such us violating the rights and/or intellectual property of third parties. This includes copyright infringement, illegal spam delivery, distriburing content illegal under Israeli law, and any computer related offences, such us viruses, malware, Trojans, etc. Content that may offend public sentiment and/or a specific demographic, and/or spur, persuade, motivate, and act in violation of a law that encourages criminal offense, constitutes defamation and abusive content, infringes on someone's privacy or reputation, and/or imposes liability on the website, etc. is expressly forbidden. Attacking the website, including embedding hostile software, manually scanning or automatically crawling the website, and data mining, is forbidden. Use of the website and its infromation must be in accordance with the Terms and Statute of Use. It is prohibited to save content appearing on the website in a public or private space, such as a hard drive and/or a user computer and/or a web server and/or an email incuding screenshots and or videos. The website mangement / owner maintains the discretion, in accordance with its policy, to periodically determine what is being misused. 

4. Service Quality


4.1. The website management provides users with the site as-is for displaying information, documents, and content for their convenience and use. The information is purely preliminary and non-binding, as stated earlier. There may be inaccuracies in the content apperaing on the website. Liability rests solely on the users wheter to implement what is written on the website. For this purpose, there are medical staff and medical consultants whose role is to check every case and act in accordance with the circumstances. 


4.2. The web-based system depends on a continuous and high quality internet connection. The user acknowledges that internet usage sometimes results in interruptions that are unconnected with the website management. Hence, the website management shall not be held liable for any disruption and/or loss of information while transmitting data over the internet. The entire website and/or certain sections and/or services may be periodically unavailable for any reason, including ongoing maintenance. Due to circumstances related to the management, as wel as those unrelated to the website management, access to the website and/or certain sections and/or services may be interrupted, suspended and/or discontinued, either temporarily or permanently. The user waives any claim and/oe demand for damages and/or payments and/or loss incurred as result of the aforementioned and as a result of using the website. 


4.3. Any usage of the website is soley the responsibility of the user. The user hereby declares that he/she is aware that the website management does not recommend and/or express an opinion and/or take responsibility and/or is not bound by the content appearing on the website, including the information and/or services. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user to be aware of all possible consequences resulting from using the website's services, including implementing the content written on the website. The content does not constitute a recommendation in any way and does not claim to constitute any type of advice, including medical advice. No claims shall be made vis-à-vis the website, including claims of reliance and/or direct/consequential damages.  

5. Website Content

5.1. The website management / owner bears no liabilty for the content appearing on the website of external and/or professional bodies, including third parties or users who inserted content. 

5.2. The website management / owner is not liable for the accuracy, correctness, completeness, and usefulness of the website content and/or information. Under no circumstances shall the website management be liable fro any damages and/or loss resulting from reliance of the user and/or any other party on information obtained through the website and/or provided by the website management / owner. The user must accurately examine the validity of the website content prior to taking any type of action. If you identify and website content that infringes upon the rights of third parties, you are welcome to report them in the Contact Us section. Please note that your details and request may be transferred to third parties to review your claim. 

6. Limitation of Liability 

6.1. The website management / owner will do as much as it can to keep the website's infromation accurate, up-to-date, and high quality, while tailored to user needs. However, it is not within the control and responsibility of the website management / owner to ensure that all data points are accurate, reliable and dependable. Therefore, the website management / owner will not be liable for the aforementioned consequences af any type of damage, including errors, inaccuracies, use and/or any reliance on them. 

6.2. The website management / owner does not guarantee that the website's technological tools and/or infromation will operate continually and regularly. The website mangement / owner will do its best to fix any system failures and malfunctions. It is hereby clarified that some of the infromation appearing on the website is operated by and/or dependent upon external parties that the website operators exert no control over. 

7. Contact Us

7.1. By Email:  <> or <> or  by Phone972-54-5927078

7.2. The website management will make all efforts to respond to the inquiry within a reasonable timeframe. 

8. Privacy

8.1. The user agrees that, when entering details on the website, the website management will store this information on external servers. This will be used for telephone and/or email contact, including for promotional materials. 

8.2. If there is a job listings board on the website, the users who upload their curriculum vitae agree that it may be forwarded to third parties in order to examine their suitability for the position. In this regard, the website will serve only as a mediator and shall beal no liability, including concerning privacy matters. 

8.3. The servers of the website are provided by a third party. The collected information is secure and in accordance with the External Vendor Policy and is accepted in the market in accordance with the type of information. 

8.4. Upon termination of the contract with the website, the website owner may retain user details and information for a period of five years. If a user wishes to completely remove his/her information from the database, a formal requset must be submitted in the Contact Us section. 

8.5. The website management shall take all reasonable efforts to safeguard user information and details, including through the employment of TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. The management will not disclose user details to third parties, provided that it is not legally necessary to do so and/or in connection with an external service provider, which supplies services to the website. Nevertheless, website activity is carried out in an online environment. Hence, it is impossible for the website management to completely guarantee immunity from external penetration to its servers or the exposure of stored data by the illegal work of third-party perpetrators. If an external party penetrates the stored data held by the website management and/or uses such data, the user shall have no claim or demand of any kind against the management. 

8.6. Website users hereby declare they are aware that the website management collects statistical infromation about user activity on the website, including through the use of cookies and other analytical tools used for marketing, business, and possibly other ends, as well as to adapt the website to the user's preferences. 

8.7. Cookies are tect files thet the user's browser creates by command and saves on the hard drive of the user's computer. These files contain a variety of information, including the webpages that the user visited, the amount of time spent on the website, from where the user arrived to the website, information that the user requests to see while logging into the website, and more.

8.8. If the website and website manager collects the email and other / additional user contact informationand informs users that they can contact them regarding promotional offers, the user hereby declares that he/she agrees that the website management, and/or someone acting on their behalf, may periodically contact users to promote marketing and advertising materials. Contact methods include post, SMS notifications, emails, fax, automated telephone calling and/or any other method of communication. The user shall moke no claim and/or demand, including under Section 30A of Israel's Communications Law (Bezeq and Transmissions), 1982, commonly reffered to as the "Spam Law". 

9. Property Ownership Rights of the Website Management

9.1. All rights of the wesbite, excluding infromation uploaded by the users via a system that enables such a process, belongs to the website management / owner and/or those acting on its behalf. This includes, inter alia, infromation and data, ghow this data is obtained, descriptions, diagrams, videos, tables, etc. belonging to the website or those acting on its behalf, whether registered or by law, including website design, logo, interface, structure, software, application, code, graphic files, text, and any other material contained therein. All of the aforementioned is the property of the website management / owner and constitutes its intellectual property. It is expressly forbidden to copy, alter, publish, broadcast, disseminate, distribute, sell, make any commercial or any other use, or infringe upon any vested right related to the website content or any part thereof, without the express prior written permission of the website mangement / owner. Any aforementioned violoation outlined in this section may result in copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and/or any other type of intellectual property infringement in a mannner that may impose criminal / civil penalties and/or fines on the user. 

10. Changes to the Terms of Use, Statute and Privacy Policy

10.1. The website management / owner reserves the right to alter, including the right to discontinue, suspend, and/or cancel, the Terms of Use and Statute, including the Privacy Policy, at any time, at its sole discretion. There is no obligation to explain this nor to provide prior notification of the matter. If the website management alters the Terms of Use, Statute and/or the Privacy Policy, they may notify users by email, through the email which the user provided to the website management / owner, and/or by publishing a notification of the aforementioned change on the website itself. 

10.2. The wesbite management / owner recommends that users periodically read and update themselves regarding the wesbite Terms of Use, Statute and Privacy Policy. 

11. General

11.1. Periodical updates to the website will occur. During this timeframe, users will not have access to the website. 

11.2 The section headings are purely fro convinience and to provide easy orientation. They should not be used for interpretation of the Terms of Use and Statute. 

11.3. All rights and/or remedies of the website management under these Terms of Use shall not derogate from any other right and/or remedy of the management.

11.4. These Terms of Use do not constitute a contract on behalf of any third party nor they confer any rights to any third party.

11.5. No waiver, refusal to act, or extension provided by the website management shall be considered as a renunciation of their rights under these Terms of Use and/or under any law, nor shallthey be considered a precedent to be drawn from in other cases. They shall not derogate from the rights of the website management to exercise their rights at any time. The management will not hear any claim regarding any waiver or delay. 

11.6. Only Israeli law is applicable to the operations of the website and these Terms of Use and Statute. The exclusive and unique authority to hear and claim and/or request that may be filed in connection to these Terms of Use and Statute is vested in the Tel Aviv court, the competent authority in these matters, as appropriate. 

11.7. The maximum compensation amount, insofar as it ceases, shall not exceed 200 NIS (Israeli New Shekel /). 

11.8. The lack of validity of one or more of the clauses in these Terms of Use and Statute shall not detract from validity of these Terms of Use and Statute as a whole. A condition that is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable shall be replaced by a condition that is closest to the original condition that is replaces, to the extent permitted by law.

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